Best Breed Ever

I love ALL dogs, but there is something super special about the awesome breed that is the Rottweiler! Whether you’re looking for a guard dog, playful dog, affectionate dog, or just a best friend, a Rottweiler is the way to go. They will love you with all of their being and be loyal to you throughout their lives. If you have a Rottweiler, you have a real jewel. They really are the greatest dogs.

These amazing creatures often have a bad reputation as some people can get intimidated by their size and sheer majesty, but fear not, Rottweilers are the most friendly, caring and gentle dog you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. A notoriously calm dog with the ability to form strong bonds with their humans, Rottweilers sometimes suffer from preconceived views about their temperament. This is because they are often used as “scary dogs” in films and TV shows due to their large stature and dark colourings. But, the idea that these playful dogs are scary couldn’t be further from the truth!

This is the perfect way to show my love, passion, and dedication to these beautiful beasts! If you weren’t sure how amazing Rottweilers really are, then prepare to fall in love! Here’s why I love Rottweilers:

First things first, lets just soak in how incredibly attractive Rottweilers are!


They are Super Loyal
Once you have gained the trust of one of these beautiful dogs, you will have a friend for life! As long as you stand by their side, they’ll stand by yours.


They Love to Play
Rottweilers are famous for their love of playing and are never happier than when they are playing fetch with their favourite humans! These guys just love running around outdoors. They are one of the most playful breeds out there.


They Give Great Hugs
Because of their size and ability to be super affectionate, Rotties are great for snuggling up to in front of the TV. They love cuddles on the sofa with you. And they love asking you for cuddles. Who could say no?! There’s nothing better than a hug from a Rottie. It’s another one of their many signs of affection.


They are Intelligent
Rottweilers will definitely keep you on your toes as they are incredibly intelligent, so they need to be mentally stimulated with plenty of training and exercise! They are fairly easy to train, especially while they’re young.


They Know how to Make you Laugh
Rottweilers have a silly side. When they’re not busy being snuggly and affectionate, they’re probably giving you something to laugh about.


They are Adorable as Puppies
Look at that little face. Can you honestly resist that little face?


They are Adorable as Adults
I still can’t resist that sweet face.


They are Protective
When raised with love and kindness, a Rottweiler will generally be a kind and affectionate dog; however, if they feel that someone or something is threatening their humans, their protective side comes out. A Rottweiler will do anything to keep his family safe.


Great Watchdogs
From puppyhood, Rottweilers innately learn to watch and be aware of anything rotten coming your way. Potential burglars are put off by a barking or watching Rottweiler. Rottweilers are among the top watchdog breeds.


Their Hearts are as Big as their Bodies
I’ve never met a more loving creature than a Rottweiler that’s been nurtured in a loving home.


They Love to Give Doggy Kisses
Ever been showered in dog slobber? You will be when you have a Rottweiler. One of the many ways they show their affection is by making sure they lick your face several times every time they see you!


They’ll be your Greatest Pal
A Rottweiler makes a wonderful companion. Your Rottie will be your greatest pal for all of his life.


They’ve gotta have the best smile ever


From the word go, they are just bundles of cuteness!


And when there’s a whole group of them together, we just melt


When they grow up, they are the most graceful creatures ever


They get on so well with other dogs – I mean, look how tolerant she is!


And they are fantastic with cats


They make friends with everyone they meet – yes, even fish!


They’re up for anything as long as it’s with you


Their glorious coat will put all other dogs to shame


And they are the best sleeping buddies ever. Oh, and they also make the best alarm clocks


How could you ever say no to that face?


They are always game for an adventure too


And they adore water, whether it’s on the beach, swimming in the pool, or the sprinkler!


Whatever happens, a Rottweiler will always be there for you, to comfort you when you’re down, or greet you when you’re home


Because let’s face it…


Need I Say More?


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