Pros & Cons

Below is a list of some pros vs. cons. As with any breed, the pros will outweigh the cons if proper socialization, training, and exercising is provided. On the same note, the cons will outweigh the pros if you do not provide the required socialization, training, and exercise the Rottweiler breed requires.

Pros to owning a Rottweiler
♦ Rottweilers provide excellent family protection.
♦ Rottweilers make great family companions.
♦ Rottweilers are great with children.
♦ Rottweilers are extreme loyal.
♦ Rottweilers are active and are not lazy dogs.
♦ Rottweilers love to work and serve.
♦ Rottweilers are very smart and easy to train.
♦ Rottweilers are very obedient with training.
♦ Rottweilers are great with other animals when raised and trained with them.

Cons to owning a Rottweiler
♦ A Rottweiler requires socialization. Protection is an instinct to the Rottweiler breed. You do NOT have to keep your Rottweiler secluded in order for him/her to protect your family. You will have an aggressive Rottweiler if you do not socialize.
♦ Rottweilers can become overprotective without training.
♦ Rottweilers require regular exercise.
♦ Male Rottweilers will test their limits at one year of age. This is the time training needs to be enforced and the alpha member of the family needs to correct any bad behaviour. Ignoring this stage will allow the Rottweiler to take over the alpha position in the family.
♦ Rottweilers can be aggressive towards other animals if not socialized or trained.

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