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I have always had Rottweilers, to me they are the best dog in the world. They are very affectionate, playful, intelligent, and although they can be biggest couch potatoes around, they are always alert.

I never have a stray cat or hedgehog in my backyard without knowing about it. I never go to the bathroom alone. I found out what it is like to eat a meal with complete unabashed gusto. I never have an unscathed pile of leaves in my yard. I found out that "counter-terrorism" will involve unwatched pizza slices. I found out having a Rottweiler in the car will really really mess your windows with slobber. I have soggy toys dropped on my lap in the hopes that I will enjoy it as much as he/she does. My dogs love nothing more than to climb onto my lap for a cuddle. I have a true blue friend on those days that I feel under the weather. In short, I have the best time of my life with my Rottweilers, a joy to live with.

All my past Rottweilers are missed beyond words. Nothing is better than a loyal Rottweiler: friend, protector, entertainer & constant companion. The best cuddlers ever. Loyal, smart, loving, silly and goofy. A Rottweiler can be the perfect dog.


Dam: Kaama
Sire: Diesel

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