Brief info

Ishka was my first Rottweiler, born in 1993 she was given to me as a 7 week old puppy after spending months in hospital after a serious accident. She was super friendly and so much fun, always doing something goofy. She would visit an elderly neighbour who lived on his own then steal his food on the way out. Another neighbour was taking her shopping inside and Ishka jumped into her car and stole a cake out of another shopping bag. She had so much personality and was so much fun to have around. Ishka had taught me that Rottweilers were the ONLY breed I wanted.

When Ishka wants attention, she bites at the air with an additional burst of growl and was also very vocal, making noises constantly, even trying to talk sometimes. Ishka loved rides on the back of the ute, walks at the park, visiting the neighbours, play fighting, playing catch-me-if-you-can and to climb onto anyone's lap for a cuddle. She showed nothing but love to everyone she met. Unfortunately at 10 years old Ishka developed osteosarcoma (bone cancer).

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