Dam: Kaama
Sire: Diesel
Brief info

Through hard work and careful grooming Jahna had, by the tender age of 8 weeks, already begun to form into the super-model of a dog she would one day grow to be. So when I saw her as a cute cuddly puppy I just couldn't resist her charms, or her legendary mind control powers... and so Jahna became a member of the family. She is amazing, she has a big heart. Her temperament is one of my favourites!

Jahna sits at the gate, surveying the neighbourhood waiting for the neighbourhood kids to talk to. Just in case there is someone with a free hand or a tennis ball she is ready. Jahna will listen to you (unless there is chicken in the next room) words like 'car' 'walk' 'dinner' she does a dance and gets the zoomies, or she will cock her head and give me a sort of quizzical look like 'Huh?' She is also the most curious dog I have ever met. Anything new at home or the park or wherever she is, she has to fully inspect, including visitors handbags.

Jahna likes car rides with her head out the window (I ride a motorbike so I know why she loves this) walks at the park, swimming, stealing then catch-me-if-you-can, people and every other animal. Jahna dislikes not being fed, left home alone and being ignored. Jahna is a social and friendly Rottie with an active, energetic and outgoing temperament. When going out she is always making eye contact, looking to me for what to do next. She seems to just enjoy being alive and in a good home.

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